from Rhyme4aReason by Wunda & Pak

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how you doing today?/
hope ya feelin’ good, sincerely i do/
cos fo’ real, every day is a blessing, check it out/
now if you don't mind, i'd like to introduce us/
i, of course, am your friendly neighborhood MC, the Pakman/
chillin' with my homey, DJ Wunda/
Peace of Mind/
and we jus’ want to bring it back/
Wunda and Pak/
jus' like that/

(verse 1)
now you can catch me on the rhyme that'll get ya every time/
like the line weighted bait hook and sinker with the shine/
every day when i wake i make a pledge to make it clearer/
clear my head like i was sayin' 'til i be seein' the picture now/
i'm 'bout to take ya 'round my town everybody gather 'round/
show ya what be goin' down and how so well we hold it down/
it ain't hard to tell man this is how we do it/
you can see it every time in every line so fluid now/
if ya wanna get it poppin' we can get it rockin'/
we jus' droppin' in with something new fresh hip hoppin'/
not stoppin' we jus' knockin' in with ole style boppin'/
so versatile smile if the feelin' got ya toppin'/
at the peak like the beat keep me speakin'/
feelin' jus' like the weekend when i'm freakin' on an instrumental that my boy releasin'/
it's the key to keep me freein' and believin' in the dream/
yeah you know what i mean/

let's bring it back then/
to a time when/
everything was all good in the hood man/

(verse 2 – wunda)
‘bout ten years old justa rollin' on my bike/
starin' at you girl cuz you looked nice/
swingin' on playgrounds n' runnin slip n' slides/
thinkin' that one day we could be tight/
on the grounds where i played we just did it all day/
keepin' it fresh like this i gotta say/
holdin' hands n' playin' truth or dare/
back then when people really cared/
now turnin' the knob up like bumpin' JBL's/
young kid pimpin' a black Taurus for real/
cruisin' fast corners n’ makin' wheels squeal/
always stayin' fresh yes that's the deal/
cuz in this life we all kings n' queens/
we all deserve respect like royalty see/
the promise one day to take us all home/
a place to be free and it won't be long/

(verse 3)
now this lyric goes out to my women and men/
all my friends who happen to be out on the bend/
or on the mend if you feelin' like you needin' it and/
only way we get to sleep is prayin' for peace Amen/
around the world it goes for those who in need/
feel the breeze with the notes laced deep in the keys/
C to D to E to F to G and A to the B/
off the record kop the sample now the scale is complete/
if you see what i see? then you seein' the need to bring it back/
practice what we used to be/
spiritual beings on a higher level walkin' with kings/
where the money's dummy funny and don't mean a thing/
cos we were all for the cause of helping humanity/
to get along singin' these songs and reppin' for peace/
from the castle to the streets/
no matter your scene?/
we one and the same/
yeah you know what i mean/

you know what i mean?/
you know what i mean/
Wunda and Pak/
we bringin' it back/


everything is all good/
bringin' it back/
Wunda and Pak/
and that's a wrap/


from Rhyme4aReason, released October 11, 2011




Wunda & Pak Honolulu, Hawaii

With PAK on the mic and WUNDA on the beats, experience pure and thoughtful hip hop reflecting our new millennium. Insightful vibes for conscious heads and music-appreciators everywhere, living the good life.

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