from Rhyme4aReason by Wunda & Pak

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everybody listenin' right now/
let me ask you a question/
you ever wonder why we do this?/
ever wonder why we rhyme?/
well imma tell you right now/
check it out/

rhyme for a reason/
the reason we rhyme/
what's life?/
the reason we rhyme/
what's right?/
the reason we rhyme/
what's light?/
the reason we rhyme/
now it's up to you to decide/

(verse 1)
now the times through the seasons they change like ill demons/
remain in this game? believe you gon' see 'em/
denial is tricky like a web feelin' sticky/
but when the time comes? we change to keep kickin'/
cos chains only chain the brains of those iffy/
so break from your chains we saved if y'all with me!/
God gave the Way we pray for our cities/
and give what we've got to give to keep livin'/
forgivin' every single soul on these streets/
for we all sinners in our own rights when we meet/
fight the light in your life?! you might as well be asleep/
the dawn reserved for those who guide with the peace right?/
the mic is meant to be respected/
and when you grippin' it? it's your soul you representin'/
whether empty as a hole or fiery as this record/
the culminating end is dependent upon your efforts/


(verse 2)
check it/
my crew and i we been through a lot/
but jus' like you? oh yeah we don't drop!/
struggles come every day strivin' for the top/
but when the bustle of the hustle get too much?? we gotta stop/
and check it!/
forget tryin' to get up in the spot/
number one is a relative concept not rock/
meaning not solid meaning it's not being like a block/
of granite granted i'm feelin' like some days i'm feelin' locked/
i got the power what i need to hop/
over any thing tryin' ta get in ma way as a block/
i will pop while i fight the ticker tocking off the clock/
like Allah representin' representatives of Jah/
come on!/
we got that rocket that you feelin' on to ride/
come on!/
we got that knowledge that you feelin' in the vibe/
come on!/
we got the message that you feelin' in this rhyme/
come on!/
we got the reason it's time for you to decide/

(bridge/verse 3)
now too many come and go/
and not too many know/
the power of the reason and the power of the flow/
too many losing hope/
and not too many can cope with the truth/
when the truth's tellin' you what it wants/
too many feel they alone/
and plenty feelin' they grown/
ready steady they comin' empty thinkin' that they own/
they lives when really all they own is the lies upon they bones/
too many think they prone to have to live inside this zone/
when they not realizing that the lies are all they own/
and the life that you are wanting is the life that you could own/
if you could only look inside take a second and free your soul/
what makes you whole grab a hold and never let go/
what gives you hope and a reason to carry on/
what brings you comfort from the fury of the storm/
all that you are and be all that you are alone/
come on!/
you got the power that you needin' it's inside/
come on!/
you got the wisdom that you seekin' in your eyes/
come on!/
you got the weapons that you needin' in this fight/
come on!/
you got the reason it's time for you to decide/



from Rhyme4aReason, released October 11, 2011




Wunda & Pak Honolulu, Hawaii

With PAK on the mic and WUNDA on the beats, experience pure and thoughtful hip hop reflecting our new millennium. Insightful vibes for conscious heads and music-appreciators everywhere, living the good life.

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