from Rhyme4aReason by Wunda & Pak

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it's time y'all/
time to get it going/

now bump it/
make some noise/
still poised to destroy the system we join/
said bump it/
make some noise/
for the people reppin' peace and who still keepin' they poise/

(verse 1)
i'm still breakin' ragin' against the machine/
got cajun like flavor hot spice when i scream/
fiends know what's happenin'/
they happy daft platinum/
they rackin' they brains tryin' to put us in chains/
but hey!/
the men who adapt fast avoidin' they death traps/
and those who gon' laugh last are those who get laughed at now/
for speakin' the truth the proof is in all that you see/
for me it's the L.O.V.E./


(verse 2)
now the picture gets clearer when i see through the fear to change/
the system in place is for the corporate gain/
the pain caused by 'em? too much to relay/
but hey!/
we can try so y'all feel this vibe/
why we can afford to fight wars but not give life?/
universal healthcare mandate this basic right/
let's face it the profits are what now guide/
our system's course of action in this here life/
strife the only outcome for the ones who lie/
time to break it down proper let the truth arrive/
the proof evident if you look beyond the signs/
to the shores of the third world where boys and girls find/
their lives confined by what they bein' denied/
clean water, education, and the means to thrive by/
all cos some guys at the top want it all?!/
no way we say "hey! yo! it's time they fall!"/


it's time/
time to make some noise y'all/
make some noise for what you believe in/
make some noise for equality/
for justice/
make some noise against those who oppress/
who enslave/
who cripple with debt/
those human traffickers/
those war mongers/
those who preach hate and greed/
check it/

(verse 3)
you gotta filter through the bull which fools gon' pull quick/
the truth through spirit come cool and ooo it's/
the way that you know what you do is cool ish/
the rest left cold don't know they foolish/
losin' they grip on spirit they ego trips with/
delusions of grandeur and hittin' it big if/
they only could phony they souls to switch it/
off and pop off 'bout walls and profits/
corporate politics got me sick to the stomach/
shun it, confronted, done it now no way i can front it/
hunted the illest in this game thinkin' that they can run it/
the name Elohim demeaned by those who be haunted/
and say "give to me! give to me! i'm most important!"/
so my recording is for those who don't wanna be stunted/
who don't wanna give up they dreams for the corporate hundred/
i mean it when i say i pray for all to be loved/
now i say bump it/
make some noise/
for the people reppin' peace and who still keepin' they poise/
said bump it!/
make some noise!/
if you livin' still givin' out your dollars and coins/
for the point of living hear this is for us to enjoy/
and if they takin' that away then that's what we will destroy!/
and the only way to do this is for us to deploy/
to use our voices together and together to join!/

(hook, repeat)


from Rhyme4aReason, released October 11, 2011




Wunda & Pak Honolulu, Hawaii

With PAK on the mic and WUNDA on the beats, experience pure and thoughtful hip hop reflecting our new millennium. Insightful vibes for conscious heads and music-appreciators everywhere, living the good life.

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