from Rhyme4aReason by Wunda & Pak

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it's all for the love/
it's all for the love of the/
it's all for the love/

(verse 1)
on and on it goes/
this story's been told a million times before/
our hero lays face down on the floor/
a million eyes shift view stare then behold/
as his body turns cold but his soul on a journey/
for the time being time stops cos he not returnin'/
while his dj keep turnin' with the records of his raps/
it's all left back in the past with his stacks of memories/
people tearin' up now who's to give the eulogy?/
the few who see recognize on the stage is not who they used to see/
cos the one who passed is the one who never really last through all of these/
copies carbon copies like the poppies stop me if this sounds familiar/
like the scent of sensimillia/
if he only had the sense to tell a few they would remember his name/
but he only did it for the love of the game/
and is this ever gonna change?/

who remains in this world unchanged?/
the pain break through through the pain come changed/
gain a sense of perspective/
let this feelin' run ya over 'til ya breathless/

(verse 2)
and they say time waits for no man/
so i go a nomad 'til i find my own land/
a land filled with milk cream and rich like with honey/
cos money ain't a thang 'cept for nickels, dimes and pennies/
and i got plenty/
workin' on the grind i keep steady/
ready for the next even if the next comin' heavy/
like a jetty/
protect 'til my kin come n' get me/
i give it all i got 'til my heart stop wit' me/


(verse 3)
now i gaze at the man in the mirror/
i see what i see before the sandman delivers/
dreams seem to keep me on the edge of this river/
do i dive in? go with the current? stand on the bank or jus' shiver?/
like the figure in the eight caught up who can't escape/
with his fate on a plate served in front of his face/
take a taste, but wait, before you do?/
understand one taste gonna lead to two/
and if you do what'cha wanna what'cha wanna do?/
cos there these times in life in which you gonna have to choose one or the other/
i shudder when i don't choose the lover/
but the greatest thing about this life is i can choose the other if i want to/
i can be anything that i want to/
everything that i could possibly want if i want you/
and aren't you just that thing? yeah if you are you/
know that i'm comin' and when i find you i found you/


it's all for the love/
it's all for the love of the/
it's all for the love/


from Rhyme4aReason, released October 11, 2011




Wunda & Pak Honolulu, Hawaii

With PAK on the mic and WUNDA on the beats, experience pure and thoughtful hip hop reflecting our new millennium. Insightful vibes for conscious heads and music-appreciators everywhere, living the good life.

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