from Rhyme4aReason by Wunda & Pak

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relationships ain't always easy/
ya feel me?/

ain't always an easy road you know/
sometimes you feel high/
sometimes you feel low/
and sometimes, well, sometimes you jus' feel broke/
but hey/
it's okay/
so long as you jus’/

(verse 1)
come with it come as you are/
scarred like two x's ripped marked deep in the heart/
wounds of insecurity lash out against true sincerity/
all i can be is me/
and i refuse to apologize for sharing my joy my glee/
true spirits vibe as i emcee/
speak my mind as my mind speaks for me/
seek the real on the low as the green smoke choke her violently/
those green eyes soaked by red flames of misplaced trust/
and jealousies fan the flames of hate and embers of lust/
my cool i lose til i snap through a million fixed images of/
love the kind you feel when in the morning you waking up/
next to the love of your life who bring to your life the love/
a feeling so appealing revealing i can't get enough/
healing with every desire to give her all that she wants/
but sometimes that's not enough/
she got to get it herself/

(hook 1)
pick up/
the broken pieces and reform this image/
a picture perfect new beginning/
now's the time to get it/

(verse 2)
now i been down on my life at times needing a life line/
my luck seem to turn upside down and down right/
shady feelings like original black concealing/
matter of fact it's beating me down beating me down/
i wonder who hearing me now when it all falls down?/
can you hear me?? could be my new best friend/
understood it's all good though when good i'm reppin'/
though wherever i go it seem a ho be wantin' to step/
temptations always there but hey check it i'm never pressed/
here to toss temptations off and rep real hip hop/
respect mean more than shaking hands and dappin' it fresh/
respect when you treat your girl the way that she be meant to be/
heaven sent to me so we can always be heavenly/
healing with every rhyme metaphysical line energies/
who am i kidding? she musically running through my veins/
taking the pain away and bringing the gain/

(hook 2)
pick up/
when you feelin' down and out on your luck/
make a new sound sing it loud and yo i tell you what's up/
that you gotta figure out what is that you want/
give it up to live it up but don't bring me (us) down/


(hook 1)

(hook 2)

ain't always easy ya feel me?/
but yo so long as you jus'/
come with it come as you are/
scarred like two x's ripped mark deep in the heart/
you'll be alright/
just remember/
when life got you down?/
all you need is to pick up/


from Rhyme4aReason, released October 11, 2011




Wunda & Pak Honolulu, Hawaii

With PAK on the mic and WUNDA on the beats, experience pure and thoughtful hip hop reflecting our new millennium. Insightful vibes for conscious heads and music-appreciators everywhere, living the good life.

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